A range of affordable Benefit Options to choose from

We offer five benefit options to choose from, so you can find one that is exactly right for you and your family's healthcare needs.

A wide network of healthcare providers for hospital and day-to-day cover

Our extensive networks of healthcare providers, combined with unique management tools, means you can avoid co-payments when visiting a specialist or GP; on day-to-day preferentially priced medicine, blood tests, or when going to DSP hospitals.

Fantastic benefits if you belong to our wellness programme

Being a LA Health member, you have the opportunity to join the world's leading science-based wellness programme that both encourages and rewards healthy behaviour.

We believe prevention is better than cure, and so we actively encourage    you to detect and treat illness as early as possible. That's why we cover a range of preventative tests from cholesterol to HIV screening. We also cover vaccinations to prevent serious illnesses.

Comprehensive Hospital cover

Once you have authorised your stay in hospital, the Scheme provides cover without any monetary limits.

Emergency cover with fast, life-saving emergency care for you and your family

We provide you with life-saving emergency support.

We give you access to the most advanced medical care

You have excellent cover for cancer treatment. In addition, on the LA Comprehensive Benefit Option, you get extra cover for new and expensive medicine.

Excellent administration

The best service and support from the Scheme's call centres across South Africa.

Day-to-day Benefits to suit your needs

Our benefit options offer just the right combination of day-to-day benefits to provide for your specific needs. You can get some of the best dental benefits on offer in the market, X-rays and scans and you can save up to 20% on frames and lenses if you get glasses from one of our network providers.

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