Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme

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Feel reassured that you're not alone if you are living with diabetes. The Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme gives you access to enhanced support and additional benefits to best manage your condition.

What is the Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme?

The Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme, together with your Premier Plus doctor, will help you actively manage your diabetes. The programme gives you and your Premier Plus doctor access to various tools to monitor and manage your condition and to ensure you get high quality coordinated healthcare and the best outcomes.

You and your doctor can track progress on a personalised dashboard displaying your unique Diabetes Management Score. This will help to identify the steps you should take to manage your condition and stay healthy over time. The programme also unlocks cover for valuable healthcare services from healthcare providers like dietitians and biokineticists.

How to Register on the Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme

Any LA Health member registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit for diabetes can join the Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme.

To access the Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme:

  • Book a consult with your Premier Plus doctor and ask to be registered on the programme. Access the Find a Find a Provider tool to find a Premier Plus doctor
  • Email Members_DCI@discovery.co.za with "register me" in the subject line. Please include your name, surname and membership number in the body of the email.
  • Call us directly 0860 444 439 to speak to one of our care navigators

Simple ways to manage your diabetes

Download these resources to help you on your diabetes journey.

Additional benefits for members with diabetes

Access to diabetic retinopathy screening

If you are registered on the Diabetes Cardiometabolic Care Programme you have access to state-of the art AI assisted diabetic retinopathy screening, which covers a yearly screening from Scheme benefits. This Benefit is not available on the LA KeyPlus benefit option.

Search for optometrists in an area conveniently located for you using "Find a healthcare provider ".

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Your Diabetes Care team gives you the support you need to manage your diabetes

If you have diabetes, you know how important it is to manage the condition well. You need support to do this. Being surrounded by the right healthcare team makes diabetes management and care far simpler for you and far more effective overall - ensuring your best quality of life.

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The Diabetes Care Programme supports Dr Martine Joffe's patients entirely

The Diabetes Care Programme is of great benefit," explains Dr Joffe. "Patients on the programme are engaged in their care, and know they have to come in for a certain number of visits which are funded in full.

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