Radiology is the medical specialty that deals with the study and application of imaging technology like X-ray and radiation to diagnose and treat disease.

If these services are required as part of your authorised, in-hospital treatment, the Scheme will pay for it from the Major Medical Benefit (MMB). If it’s required out-of-hospital, it will be covered from the applicable Day-to-day benefit, as per your Benefit Option.

 In hospitalOut of hospital
LA ComprehensiveMRI and CT Scans paid from MMB
LA Core
LA ActiveScan paid from the MMBThe scan will be subject to a co-payment payable from available funds in your MSA. Remainder of the cost paid from MMB
LA Focus
LA KeyPlusMRI and CT Scans will only be paid if authorised and performed at a KeyCare Network hospital, on referral by a Specialist.MRI and CT Scans paid from available funds in your Specialist Benefit.