Planned Operations

If you and your doctor are planning an admission, you must confirm benefits (preauthorise) before you are admitted to hospital. To authorise your hospital admission, please phone us at 0860 103 933 at least 48-hours before you plan to go to the hospital. If you are admitted to hospital outside of business hours, please call us as soon as you can thereafter.

You need to give us these details:

  • When you’ll be admitted to hospital and how long you’ll stay
  • Your treating doctor’s name, practice number and phone number
  • Your diagnosis (ask your doctor for the ICD-10 diagnosis code)
  • The procedure name and code, if available (ask your doctor for the CPT4 or RPL procedure code)

You must preauthorise at least 48 hours before your planned hospital admission, except in emergencies. If you don’t, we’ll only pay 70% of the hospital cover to which you’re normally entitled. You’ll have to pay the remaining 30% of the costs.

LA KeyPlus members must use one of these day clinic facilities or hospitals for any planned in-hospital care.

LA Focus members must use one of these day clinic facilities or hospitals for any planned in-hospital care.