Blood tests (pathology)

When these tests are required as part of your authorised in-hospital treatment, the Scheme will pay for it from your Major Medical Benefit, subject to the Rules for your Benefit Option.

When the tests are performed out-of-hospital, it will be paid for from your Day-to-day benefits and in accordance with the specific rules applicable to your Benefit Option.

Please ask your doctor to use the Discovery Pathology form when he or she requests these tests.

The Discovery Pathology form is designed to:

  • Make doctors aware of the costs associated with different codes
  • Enable doctors to request only the specific tests they deem clinically appropriate
  • Track the use of our form using the unique Discovery Health barcode in the bottom right hand corner
  • Assist doctors to request the pathology codes that are covered on the KeyCare benefit option. These codes are shown on the front of the form