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LA Health offers you affordable cover for your medical expenses as the Scheme of choice for Local Government


A wide choice of comprehensive healthcare benefits to suit everyone’s needs

LA Health accommodates and attracts young and older members and our benefits are excellent when compared to others that are on offer to Local Government employees. All our benefit Options offer unlimited in-hospital benefits (subject to clinical management protocols and, in some instances, at network providers), comprehensive chronic illness benefits and ones for cancer, maternal health, preventative care and HIV and AIDS. These support the millennium development goals for health.

Affordability of our products with overall financial care and control

Over the last number of years, we have been able to manage the financial wellbeing of the Scheme in such a way as to ensure contribution increases were low and within a narrow band around the rate of inflation. This gives our members the comfort they need when considering the affordability of the Scheme for their needs.

At the same time LA Health has increased its benefit limits or enhanced benefits year on year.

Practicing excellent corporate governance

The Board of Trustees has adopted the King III governance principles and is working towards providing combined assurance in future reports. A yearly review is performed to determine that the performance of the Board of Trustees remains aligned to these good governance principles.

Delivering the best possible service to members

Discovery Health, the Scheme’s administrator, is constantly recognised in top brands surveys such as those conducted by the Sunday Times and the Financial Institute of Advisories as the undisputed leader in its category in South Africa. Discovery Health’s administration processes have also been certified ISO 9001 (International Organisation for standardisation) compliant – which bears testimony to the quality of the organisation’s service capability.

Enhancing wellness of our members in the workplace

LA Health members have access to a world class wellness and lifestyle programmes. Using data for more than 1.5 million enrolled persons worldwide, studies have shown that members, who are actively participating in the programme’s wellness aspects, go to hospital less, spend less when in hospital and when sick and spend less on chronic medicine.

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